Derp Chan (Autism, Lip Sync, 5 Custom Austistic Emotes)

Uploaded by bobilly89 1524272221 ago


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You will need to import the CubedShaders package into unity before importing this avatar, the download link is below:

This avatar has a ton of stuff in it. I added 5 custom sound effects to different emotes so you can feel like Autismo the Great.

1. Download the cubedshaders and vrcsdk if you don't have it. Links are above.
2. Import vrcsdk into unity, then the cubed shaders package.
3. import the avatar
4. Load the scene named OpenMe placed in the folder named Autism
5. Upload

Custom Emotes:
Autistic Hi
Autistic Screeching 1
Autistic Screeching 2
I'll Slit Your ThroatNeck
Dab with Bass Boost

FingerGun: Annoyed
RockNRoll: Confused

Want a HIGH QUALITY Kanna model that is under 20k poly's? Download it here:

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plaguecrowley 1564419007 ago

its just pink for me

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lildemon 1562726042 ago

the animations are not working for me. :(

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Freestarwolf 1553637230 ago

Why are the eyes not blinking for me now? Did I mess up the blinking or is there now something wrong with the model?

0 Reply
4KTV 1549641799 ago

I have a question where can you get the model

0 Reply
otakumane 1548494667 ago

Why the avatar not blinking when i uploaded in vrchat?

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Includeing 1541098492 ago

Ashe that was exactly what i was thinking and wanted xD

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Ashe 1536158396 ago

can you make a rainbow one like the one naddition has?

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Tyger Tac 1535892583 ago

Hey, Would there be a way to add more face gesture for the character?

0 Reply
bobilly89 Author 1534280089 ago

what u mean

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Xerkies 1534145582 ago

How come avatars can't be simple as this?

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Fleet 1533060794 ago

I'm experiencing a glitch. The right side of the model is showing up in the left screen of my headset and vice versa.

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KannaKanna 1528830738 ago

do u know where i can find the original textures of the hood and shoes?

0 Reply
Cokey 1527644897 ago

oh yeah i figured that out a few minutes after having a fit
thanks tho!

0 Reply
bobilly89 Author 1527642354 ago

Read the description.

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Cokey 1527635703 ago

Hellooo, I really need help, iv'e asked a bunch of people and searched and I really don't understand this, im new to unity and when I try to upload certain models (Such as this and the galaxy version) They turn bright pink, this model turns pure pink, the other, only the skin is pink, would you know how to fix this?

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iLoveMonika 1524879823 ago

It looks like the version in winter world

0 Reply
bobilly89 Author 1524855170 ago

@admokep. Just search for ooka miko mmd on google. I made the textures myself if you are asking about this specific version though.

0 Reply
admokep 1524845576 ago

@bobilly89 Hi, can you give a link to the source if this is available?

0 Reply
Trixelen 1524450044 ago

By any chance are you able to upload the Tide-Pod version? I know there was also another model of this, but she was able to hand out Tide Pods and such.

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The5Moon 1524364192 ago

can you make a black rock shooter model of strength

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Alphrou 1524347103 ago

This is beautiful

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kirotyn 1524314181 ago


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slicedmoonlight 1524313652 ago

ooka miko

0 Reply
kirotyn 1524310968 ago

whats the name of this character?

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