NaitPack - Updated MultiShader

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This is a small collection of some shaders and other various things I have been working on. This also includes the newest version of my multishader.

Included in this pack are
3 Materials
1 Shader with 3 variants
1 Particle System

The included materials are 3 different uses of my smoke shader which has a 3 color and alpha blend with controllable animation speed.

Particle System:
Included particle system is just a test of the smoke shader.

Oh yes, the fun stuff. Included is my multishader which has been updated and improved.
Features -
Diffuse tinting
Seperate Cutout Texture - This will use the alpha channel, unlike glow mask
Glow Mask - Make sure everything you DON'T want to glow is colored solid black and anywhere you want to glow is colored white.
Fresnel glow - Adds a glow at the edges inward, or optionally, the center outwards
Toon-Glow toggle - Toonifies the glowing effect
Glow tinting
Light tinting
Max brightness - The maximum brightness your character will be lit
Blinn-Phong gloss
Ambient tinting
Outline tinting
Screen-space outlines - Outlines get wider as you walk away
Rim lighting
Rim light tinting
Distance fading

Changed the glowmap from emission to custom lighting. Won't be super bright on worlds that have HDR anymore. Change also allowed me to make it so the glow only shows up when there is no light.

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Mr Hoovy 1565120855 ago

Hey, can you tell me where you got the Dutch Angel Dragon model?

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EaZyXyordi 1558538894 ago

can somebody tell me where i can find the model?

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TrixxedHeart 1530992118 ago

These shaders are really great!

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Red Panda Named Ron 1530841898 ago

hella good

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