Slenderman (Slender: The Arrival)

Uploaded by Scott Rash 1533428564 ago


2nd slenderman model on this site, and my 1st model on this site.
Discord link for those who want to help out with the model:
Update 1:
-changed the Slenderman model from the sketchfab model to the Slenderman model I found on Garry's Mod, which is fully rigged. This means this model no longer will have a simplified IK.
-Made the model taller.
-Added a bump map.
Update 2:
-fixed the tutorial avatar appearing when clicking the package file in unity. (I was using it to see how tall slender is, and accidentally left it there.)
Update 3:
-Added the jumpscare shader. (Woo hoo!) Appears when using the handgun gesture.
-Made the model slightly taller.
Update 4:
-Fixed the missing prefab issue. (Hopefully.)
Update 5: Fixed the Jumpscare not appearing when using an emote. (Special Thanks to TheOneWolf for helping me out!)
Update 6:
-Added the thumping noise. (If you don't want it, just disable or delete the audio source.)
-Edited the Jumpscare noise. It is now much louder. Not only that, I added to it by adding in one of the jumpscare sounds from slender the arrival. I then overlapped the same mix, only lower pitched by 50%. This will hopefully give many people the scares. (Muahaha >:D)

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jasjos18 1593899176 ago

could you make a tutorial on scp-096 and slender man please

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Including 1558787029 ago

this might be able to make the avatar invisible

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Including 1558786918 ago

this might be able to make the avatar invisible

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11pickfk 1547899561 ago

hi scott how do you get the jumpscare to work for other people

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Scott Rash Author 1541900812 ago

Yes! at least it kinda looks like it. The static image is an image of the slenderman jumpscare from slender the arrival.

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ryanb11 1540417652 ago

does it make people screen static with a gesture

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Scott Rash Author 1538440320 ago


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Fuxxy Smoke 1538338484 ago

Make that 1007. Top job mate.

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Scott Rash Author 1538324708 ago


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Pizzatime009 1537871124 ago

I just recently downloaded this model, but the invisibility doesn't work on the finger point. :(

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Scott Rash Author 1537645897 ago

For keyboard, hold shift and press F7.

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jackster 1537639066 ago

the finer gun gesture doesn't work

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jackster 1537638649 ago

and what if we are using a keyboard

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Scott Rash Author 1537302457 ago

I am talking about the gesture. The gesture is called the handgun due to it looking like you are pointing a gun at someone. You can perform the gesture by holding down the grip trigger, which if you are using this model, would activate the jumpscare.

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jackster 1537296132 ago

how do we do the jumpscare if we doesn't have guns

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Scott Rash Author 1537151974 ago

UPDATE! I've gotten help from someone named TheOneWolf. He got his slenderman jumpscare to work, and he allowed me to borrow the fixed version of it, and add it to this avatar! HUGE thanks to him!

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Scott Rash Author 1537033389 ago

UPDATE! Not really tho. I've added a discord link for those who want to help out with this avatar.

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Scott Rash Author 1537022261 ago

I don't have a discord. But I can set one up!

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JenreyDominos 1536973073 ago

I was able to get mine to work so I could help.

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JenreyDominos 1536973006 ago

Scott, do you have discord

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Scott Rash Author 1536799593 ago

So if anyone can be willing to show how to fix it, I would gladly appreciate it.

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Scott Rash Author 1536515734 ago

Well here is the thing. I'm not entirely sure how to fix it due to how there has been no tutorial on how to do this, and I added the jump scare in the way that you would do if you were putting a weapon on an avatar. I don't know why it doesn't work for anyone, since it works for me. I honestly don't know how to fix it since I'm not a fully experienced modder.

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kayhotic 1536414282 ago

did you fix the jumpscare issue

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Scott Rash Author 1536097410 ago

Hmm.. I'll look into it when I have time.

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Loginnathan 1536048660 ago

What i just did tho was add Test Slender to the Slenderman avatar.

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Loginnathan 1536048619 ago

Mine has the Test Slenderman in it, but it still doesn't do the jumpscare.

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Scott Rash Author 1535980439 ago

Weirdly enough, it works when I do it.. Strange.. Does it have the "Test Slender" in there? If it's removed, then the jumpscare won't happen. (I think.)

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Scott Rash Author 1535980335 ago


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kayhotic 1535978962 ago

yeah the original model doesnt do it. only thing i edited on your model was a constant audio loop from the game

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Loginnathan 1535959970 ago

The original model which i have, when i do the emote it doesn't do the jumpscare

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Scott Rash Author 1535895908 ago

But before I do, is the jumpscare not working on your edited model? or just the original model itself?

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Scott Rash Author 1535895599 ago

Huh. I'll look into it.

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kayhotic 1535895437 ago

jumpscare isnt rigged properly

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JimmyTheGent 1535618496 ago

jumpscare isn't working

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Scott Rash Author 1535487494 ago

Weird. Send me a mediafire link on the modified avatar, and I'll see what the problem is.

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kayhotic 1535454200 ago

your jumpscare doesnt work

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kayhotic 1535444400 ago

i modified this avatar a little bit. im gonna test it out. it now has the ambient thumping sounds you hear in game. ill let you know how it goes

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Scott Rash Author 1535402220 ago

Just updated the model. This has hopefully fixed the missing prefab issue.

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kayhotic 1535371635 ago


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Loginnathan 1535367141 ago

And i can't seem to find a fix for it

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Loginnathan 1535364867 ago

When i put it into Unity, it just saids "Missing Prefabs"

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Loginnathan 1535364842 ago

Can't find the model

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Revolver Ocelot 1535357494 ago

It's just the scene, no dependencies or anything.

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Scott Rash Author 1535312027 ago

Now has jump scare shader!

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kayhotic 1535274445 ago

contact horrorful, the one who did the baldi model, his has jump scares

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Scott Rash Author 1535254615 ago

I might do it, but I don't know how to apply the jumpscare when using a gesture. It would be cool if you could link a tutorial!

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kayhotic 1535251162 ago

are you gonna add the glitch shader jump scare effect. and maybe the thumping sound you hear in the games

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