DBFZ Ssj Vegeta (30k+poly) By:CrypticLight

Uploaded by CrypticLight 1537759251 ago


WARNING there is a guy using my model without giving credit and is selling it his name is KURURU95

Please just give credit where its due.
Also dont sell it unless you did major changes like i had stated below. . .

Its just the model please just look at my ssj goku and mimic what i had done there and etc. since i was lazy with this BUT it does work dont worry.

My prev model: https://vrcmods.com/item/2504-DBFZ-Ssj-Goku-34k-poly-By-CrypticLight

What the model has:
Dragon ball anime face shading
Eye tracking, Visemes, Blinking

Shader: Arc System Shader by: Shamwow and Aerthas Veras
And big thanks to them for making such a wonderful shader

Model is 34k Poly i removed a bunch of uncessessary stuff from the model when i ripped it
How to go to 35k poly limit:
1) Download the vrchat sdk: https://www.vrchat.net/home/download
2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjNc-DMHjX0 set the polygon limit to 35000

Please be respectful and dont rebrand the model and sell it to people
- putting on a bunch of shaders and calling it your own model
- putting on prefabs and calling it your own model
- recoloring it and calling it your own model
- calling the model yours
- Just in general ANY small changes you cannot call it your own model unless you actually did something huge that is when you can claim it as your own such as adding new body parts and etc.

And thanks Arc System Works for making such an amazing game and being published by Bandai.

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CrimsonRiot24 1614881995 ago

hella cool dude, mind doing a Vegeta Blue?

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CrypticLight Author 1567818249 ago

do wat ev man

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inkdrop10 1567724224 ago

hello i was wondering if i can use this model and make something off of a picture i will still credit you for you are the creator of this model itself i was just wondering also if you want to know what the picture is it here

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CrypticLight Author 1567320352 ago


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TrapCrusader 1567123280 ago

Hi, what do I put into the emission texture?

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Silvamord 1543905901 ago

This model is mine. :3

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dopelow 1540443413 ago

it's making a permanent T pose even when loaded into vrchat

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CrypticLight Author 1537795033 ago

Just letting people know if you want fighterz models they are on Deviant art just type DBFZ but i will say this the guy who makes those fucks them up horribly and has them at like 100k+ polys i just make mine better

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WolfKing 1537784919 ago

oh this looks wonderful! Is there any way you could do Piccolo as well

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TheTDK 1537767257 ago


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just jacob 1537760863 ago

love the model question can you get an android 13 please i need that trucker hat in my life

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