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From the 18th century novel "Maids in the Abyss." Now you can be everyone's favorite stillbo- Er... Abyss born girl! Riko comes with eye tracking, mouth movement, dynamic bones and an animation that turns on her helmet light (mapped to Fingerpoint).

(If the avatar appears transparent for you, select all the materials in the 'materials' folder, and on the top right change the Shader to CubedParadox, and select rendering mode Opaque. (Personally, I like cutout and change the alpha cut to 0.1 or when it looks the least bad))

EDIT: I fixed up the textures. They should apply correctly now. Sorry about that. If they don't please tell me in the comments. I should be doing the same for Ozen soon.

EDIT2: ALRIGHT!!! Everything should work good now. All in a single material, leg leather no longer looks bad, and the light has a facial expression along with a flare effect. If anything is wrong, please tell me in comments.

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joe2275 1521567437 ago

Wow... you made it perfectly!!! Thank U for your working. By the way, I'm making a game of Made In Abyss. So, can I use this model for developing a game(This game is not for money and commercial, but only for my hobby.)??? I can't make character... If you have a time for replying to me, will you send a Email to me? My email is [email protected]

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PlusMinus 1518617380 ago

Same issue, left eye does not blink. Just confirming. +_-

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Empyrrean 1517478964 ago

Her left eye doesn't blink. Also, you need to include the dynamic bone scripts with the upload. I had to torrent Dynamic Bones to get them to work. Screw paying 20 dollars for it.

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MadVladTheBad 1517088543 ago

It works, thanks for the update

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FreshKat Author 1517083426 ago

Sorry for the trouble guys. Things should be better now.

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Gartruil 1517028544 ago

@Nostalgic I put the model into the scene an manually dragged the materials to where it looked like they went on the model. I used the image above for reference.

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FreshKat Author 1517011961 ago

I updated the description to help you guys.

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Nostalgic 1517010534 ago

@Gartruil What is the fix? I'm still relatively new to Unity. Any help is greatly appreciated c:

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Gartruil 1517006830 ago

Hey, when I import it, the materials are transparent, which is an easy fix, but the japanese named materials don't have texture.

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