Female Christmas Outfit

Uploaded by Eagle 1543793202 ago


Since i already uploaded a christmas hat, lemme give y'all a full female outfit

You'll have to open the file in blender and merge the outfit with a already existing model with the CATS Tool (you can use the already coverted fbx or the original .pmd)

When i have time i might make the outfit parts seperate so you can put them on your avatar in unity

I may also upload a Male version of a christmas outfit

If you need any help, message me on discord Eagle#4191

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Mavis Vermillion 1544319750 ago

uh this is on deviant art, you couldve at least put a link crediting the original author in the description

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Eagle Author 1543868305 ago

lol yeah i guess that would work lol

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Lugia01 1543865924 ago

yo nice Toru Hagakure model!!!!!!

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