[LEG FIXED UPDATE] Jump Force - DIO 58K poly

Uploaded by Eagle 1551396588 ago


http://bit.ly/YouWereExpectingSomeoneElse Dio from Jump Force EDIT: Dio's legs have been fixed, sorry for the very long wait! Comes with visemes and eye tracking I've switched to the models resource version: https://www.models-resource.com/pc_computer/jumpforce/model/28571/ Mochie has moved their shader to github https://github.com/MochiesCode/Mochies-Unity-Shaders/releases (You'll have to switch the shader on the materials manually, or you could use any other shader that you like on them Dm on discord for help @ Eagle#4191

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cobaltmoon 1594142990 ago

Necklace broken

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Eagle Author 1559035434 ago

Sorry, i've been busy, I'll fix the legs weight paint asap

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Xerxpos 1551626973 ago

Yo, the lower legs are messed up in VR, much like the Jotaro model before it was fixed, can you look into this? Thanks in advance.

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Eagle Author 1551443865 ago

The model is original polycount but i can zip up the original textures

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FenrirTheRipper 1551428135 ago

Can you give a separate link to a undecimated one?

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Samurosauro 1551404110 ago

model legs are bad

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