One's Justice Momo (26k, eye tracking, visemes)

Uploaded by Eagle 1563400185 ago


Momo Yaoyorozu from My Hero One's Justice

comes with eye tracking and visemes

Fist/Shift + F2 = Sword
Thumbsup/Shift + F8 = Shield

**The model materials should now be fixed, and not displayed pink anymore


Uses xiexe's shader:

Questions or problems? message me on discord @ Eagle#4191

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Eagle Author 1564171680 ago

of course :)

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TacticalNerd1963 1564087883 ago

But do the boobies have Dynamic bones?

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Eagle Author 1563445658 ago

I'll test out the model in a new project to see if I get the same error, if I do I'll try to fix it in the new project and re-export the package and update it

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OrbitalAudio 1563417027 ago

Hi, I opened the scene provided in the package and for some reason, the skin on the body material is pinked out. I used the xiexe shader provided but somehow, it still is pink. Any solutions to this?

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