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***No expressions added***

29/9/19 ***updated configuration of shaders and dynamic bones***

27K Poly's

Poiyomis Toon Shader
Dynamic bones (if you want flowing hair)
Mochi's Uber Shader (not necessary but can look better if used)
Cubeds shader(silent) for Light Ramp)

let me know if there are issues
and also if everything is fine :D

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Tanshi Author 1570617878 ago

@ i only added blinking and visemes (for expressions you can make an animation and assign those yourself (the face_ shapekeys control most of those)

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nova0g 1570323606 ago

expressions don't seem to work at all

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Lynxizers 1569120295 ago


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NeganVR 1569086358 ago


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RVnageN 1569085783 ago


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Tanshi Author 1569085240 ago

shaders are all on default values

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TrapCrusader 1569082753 ago

I love the avatar but I got a question. Do you just use the basic white colour for the transparent arms or a certain colour?

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Legoman99573 1569082307 ago


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