SDS Grand Cross - Escanor

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Escanor from the Seven Deadly Sins mobile game: Grand Cross comes with his sacred axe Ritha, visemes and eye tracking 2 scenes included: 1 with the upper chest bone / 1 with eye tracking (since having an upper chest bone breaks the eye tracking) His body has a shape key to make him buff as well Uses Jin's toon shader, which you can get from his Mob model package Any questions or problems? Dm me on discord @ Eagle#4191, or come chat in one of the vrcmods discord's help channels

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seabug 1571553355 ago

what an absolute unit

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Toph Beifong-- 1591725364 ago

Can you make a small escanor with emotes?

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Qiqie 1630069507 ago

Bro can you make escanor the one please

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cory044 1621983516 ago

Do you still have jin's Shader or the link for it?

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froot-loops 1607549575 ago

does this model have a way to switch from weak to strong escanor

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whs010602 1572110567 ago

Excuse me, but could you send me a link to the asset study file if possible?

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whs010602 1572073236 ago

Thank you for your answers.

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whs010602 1572022529 ago

(The seven deadly sins: GRAND CROSS)You're right to extract the model from the game file?

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whs010602 1571990987 ago

I am Korean. Which language should I speak in? I am trying to make a pac3 in a game called Gary's mod. Escanor with 3D Printer I'd like to extract it and keep it at home.

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Kitsne 1571719446 ago

Can you do elaine and ban pleasee<333 I would be really happppyyyy<3

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whs010602 1571681138 ago

You didn't extract the model, did you make the graft?

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whs010602 1571674201 ago

The seven deadly sins: GRAND CROSS 3D model How can I extract a program using?

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ALIENWOLF 1571667568 ago

Eagle Cen you put on the site Escanor with Armor

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NeganVR 1571551903 ago


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Zeek_83 1571546063 ago

how do you rip the models?

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