Piggy Back Ride Nanachi

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Warning! Since the avatar 3.0 update this has not been working properly for 2.0 avatars. What this includes: - NO nanachi model or textures - Animation that works for any size model. ~Animation was made using a nanachi -Chair Prefab ready for use How to set up: 1. Drag prefab into the scene 2. Unpack the prefab by right clicking it and using the menu. 3. Show the mesh renderer by clicking the check box so it's easier to work with. 4. Position the chair behind the neck with the blue arrow or z axis facing towards the face and the y axis or green arrow pointing straight up. 5. Once that is all done uncheck the mesh renderer to hide the sphere and upload the model! Hope you enjoy. If multiple people have avatars that have this prefab on it, they can stack! Important note: You must have the latest vrcsdk already in your asset folder for this to work but that's about all you need.


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Gr4y_Chap 1606754839 ago

For this I used the Zoichi model by zoidberg656 and some wolfboy hair. https://vrcmods.com/item/749 and https://gumroad.com/l/AVpJw

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Brittle Knight Author 1593589659 ago

The chair prefab will appear as a sphere. Think of this sphere as the middle of the hips.

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NeganVR 1593349296 ago


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