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This is another prefab that I have made that you can apply to any avatar with a SPAWN ANIMATION to give control of it, It is seen globally but it DOES NOT over render any UI elements. This asset unfortunately takes really long to import due to the fact that my method creates a ton of materials as it makes 1 material per frame so sorry if it takes so long. Also apologies for the low quality but I have to cut back on size otherwise the animation can be really problematic with stability in VRChat. If you need help feel free to contact me on discord as its linked to my profile. With all that said enjoy the Aftermath video that I converted into a VRChat Video Prefab. Also the reason it takes me awhile to make these is because it seriously eats my performance when making these. Also the reason the download is on an EXTERNAL SITE is because this file exceeds 100MB (its 393MB!) The Website download only gets a unitypackage that has a TXT with the download link and the VBOT shown (as I cant leave that part empty sadly) so I provided the Mediafire link to download this animation. I hope you enjoy! Here is a video preview of my creation. Download:


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Hell raven okuu 1598317383 ago

FYI if you stick this onto your avatar its going to be 200mb+ and literally no one will be able to see it

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BarsFromMars 1608573802 ago

Just when I was going to make an animation with this, I find it on VRCMods

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SleepyKiki 1599160810 ago

Would it be possible to put this into a video player as a default video that plays when you load into the world?

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TerrorSoldier 1598563469 ago

in activate the animation is black de screen and stop de animation

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ZACK010 1598283037 ago


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IWillSlapYou2000 1598276599 ago

pp sometimes

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NeganVR 1598252819 ago


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