Minecraft Cave Pack+

Uploaded by BluieChuie 1600471330 ago


This includes everything in my Minecraft cave pack but with more blocks. Other than that this also includes a pickaxe that can be colored however you want. Includes: Colorable Pickaxe, Colorable Stone, Colorable Ore, Obsidian, Obsidian ore, Coal/Iron/Gold/Diamond/Emerald/Redstone/Lapis Ores, Stone, Bedrock. They are made so in a way where every block can share textures in different ways. For easy placement use Unity snap settings.

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corndog 1606470934 ago


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NeganVR 1600521697 ago


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heyman1231 1600475989 ago

Im tempted to just say fuck it and export every single block in minecraft.

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Zennshi 1600475916 ago

in b4 sex

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