Project Diva Motion: Ievan Polkka

Uploaded by squidonik 1607955725 ago


Update: i had problems with this site, and forgot to put link to preview but here it is: - Hi! I was looking for this motion for some time when i got it, it was glitching and it was not smooth, i decided to fix it, took some time but it's ready, and as because know it's hard to fix it, i am uploading it here. - Scene and Miku not included, this is only animation - i will upload leek model if you want, you can find some leek models for mmd if you know how to convert. - if you are using vrcsdk2, and you want full animation, you need to put it on gesture, because if on emote, vrchat will play only one minute, tutorial on putting animations on gesture is included. - If you know basics of Unity, you will have no problems. But if you will have problems, tell me i will help.


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MerlinK11 1609524425 ago

uh, dobry dzie? :D Szcz??liwy nowy

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MerlinK11 1609098362 ago

wich country you are

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MerlinK11 1608403952 ago

have you a discord for contakt you ?

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