Public Release - VP Cyber Fox

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This is one of our monthly public avatar releases! This avatar is a remaster of previously released avatars by VoidArcane! This avatar includes; - White/Black Toggle - Hue shift on matcaps - Animated hue shift with speed setting - NSFW Toggles - Breast size sliders and gyros - Human penis toggle with size slider and gyro You will need: -Unity 2019 -Latest SDK3 Avatars -Poiyomi 7.3 or higher -Dynamic Bones Interested in more avatars, or parties? Join our discord!

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Astradus 1645024787 ago

can someone add me in vrchat so i can copy this avatar because my vrchat account doesnt work so i use steam Username: Astradus

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Fennekku 1643680959 ago


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Avatar & Model Installing

All avatars, models, and unity content are available as unity package files. Follow our tutorials below to install, create and do more with these files!

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