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Approval Process: The Court House

Once your creation is submitted, it enters the #the-court-house. Here, members with Court House Judge permissions can vote on your submission. If the majority approves within 30 minutes, your content goes public.

If your upload doesn't get approved but you believe it deserves to, don't worry! Simply reach out to an @admin or @moderator and we'll help you sort things out.

The Perks of Linking Your Account

- Showcase your Discord username on your VRCMods profile for easy contact.

- Earn the "Linked" Discord role and standout with a BLUE badge.

- Let users find your VRCMods profile with our Discord bot.

- If you type a certain naughty word into the comment section on an upload, you will get a harmless role.

- Be considered for a Court-House-Judge role with enough community interaction (kindly refrain from asking).

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