VRChat Avatar Tutorials

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How To Install Avatars
  1. Install the latest Unity version
  2. Get the VRChat SDK2 (SDK3 optional)
  3. Find an avatar you want to use
  4. Login into VRChat SDK inside Unity using your VRChat account (same as ingame)
  5. Open .unitypackage file in Unity
  6. Select Unity Scene if provided in package
  7. Open Build Control Panel under VRChat SDK
  8. Click Build & Publish
  9. Fill in avatar information & Click Upload
  10. Launch VRChat and see your new Avatar!
How To Upload Avatars to VRCMods.com
  1. Install the latest Unity version
  2. Get the VRChat SDK2 (SDK3 only if you want to work on world with UDON)
  3. Export as unitypackage
  4. Visit the upload page
  5. Enter avatar information
  6. Upload Á wait for The #🗣the-court-house to approve/deny the upload
How To Create Your Own Avatars
  1. Install Unity 2017.4.28f1
  2. Install VRChat SDK
  3. Install Blender
  4. Find your model (formats supported by Blender)
  5. Import Model into Blender
  6. Export Model as fbx file
  7. Upload FBX File to Mixamo.com
  8. Rig Skeleton on Mixamo
  9. Export (without animation etc)
  10. Drag FBX + Material files into Unity
  11. Set Model Animation Type to Humanoid
  12. Set Upper Chest Bone to: None
  13. Set Chest Bone to: mixamorig:Spine2
  14. Open Materials
  15. Set Render Mode to: Opaque
  16. Set Main Map Aledo Color to: #FFFFFF
  17. Scale Model to correct size
  18. Add VRC_Avatar Descriptor
  19. Set View Position to correct location
  20. Save Scene
  21. VRChat SDK > Show Build Control Panel > Build & Publish
  22. Fill in Avatar Information and Upload
  23. Done! Select model by pressing the menu button and looking under personal
  24. Export Files as unitypackage and upload (see video)