How To Create Your Own Avatars

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**Where To Find Avatars**

**Video Tutorial**

- Install Unity (latest version)
- Install VRChat SDK (latest version)
- Install Blender
- Find your model (formats supported by Blender)
- Import Model into Blender
- Export Model as fbx file
- Upload FBX File to
- Rig Skeleton on Mixamo
- Export (without animation etc)
- Drag FBX + Material files into Unity
- Set Model Animation Type to Humanoid
- Set Upper Chest Bone to: None
- Set Chest Bone to: mixamorig:Spine2
- Open Materials
- Set Render Mode to: Opaque
- Set Main Map Aledo Color to: #FFFFFF
- Scale Model to correct size
- Add VRC_Avatar Descriptor
- Set View Position to correct location
- Save Scene
- VRChat SDK > Show Build Control Panel > Build & Publish
- Fill in Avatar Information and Upload
- Done! Select model by pressing the menu button and looking under personal
- Export Files as unitypackage and upload (see video)