Creators! New Uploading Features (SDK versions etc)

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From now on, when you upload your amazing creations, you'll be able to specify additional information such as:

- The **Content Type** of your upload. Is it a VRChat Avatar or a Custom Script? Maybe a Particle or a Sound? You decide!
- The **SDK Version** you used for your project. We've got options from VRChat SDK2 (Legacy) to VRChat SDK3 - Udon Worlds, as well as various Unity versions and an 'Other' option for all the outliers!
- The **Performance Rank** of your avatar or player model, from 'Excellent' to 'Very Poor'. This will allow users to better understand the performance impact of your upload.
- What your creation is **Optimized For**. Is it best suited for PC or Oculus Quest, or perhaps something else?
- Whether your avatar or player model is **Quest Ready** and/or Rigged.
- Asset **Version Compatibility**, so users know exactly what versions your upload is compatible with.
- The Number of **Polygons** in your avatar or player model.

The item pages wont be showing these details yet but will in the next few days!