How to Upload Avatars to VRChat - SDK3

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- **Trusted VRChat User Account:** In order to upload custom Avatars & Worlds to VRChat, you must have a trusted user account, which generally requires around 12 hours of active playtime. This is typically the first hurdle new users encounter when creating their own content. *You will receive an email once you have Trusted*
- **VRChat Creator Companion**
- **Unity:** Please ensure you install the version recommended by the Creator Companion.

**Installation Guide**
- **Download the VRChat Creator Companion:** Visit the official VRChat website and download the VRChat Creator Companion from the following link: (
- **Install the Creator Companion and Unity:** Follow the instructions provided by the VRChat Creator Companion to install it along with the recommended Unity settings.
- **Create and Open an Avatar Project:** Proceed to create a new avatar project (SDK3) using the Creator Companion, then open the project.
- **Log into VRChat:** Access the VRChat SDK, select 'Show Control Panel' to open it, then log in using your VRChat account.
- **Open the Unitypackage Scene File:** Load the scene that comes with the VRChat Avatar Unitypackage.
- **Build and Publish Preview:** Navigate to the 'Builder' tab in the Control Panel and click on 'Build & Publish For Windows'.
Screenshot for reference:
- If you see a message similar to the one below, you need to spend more time playing VRChat in order to attain trusted user status.
Screenshot for reference:
- Once you have filled in Avatar Details you can submit the upload as public or private (recommended private) example image:
- Success:

**Additional Resources**
For further assistance with the setup of the Creator Companion and Unity SDK, refer to the VRChat Docs:

To understand more about the VRChat Safety and Trust System, including how to become a trusted user, refer to the following link: