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at some point i said 'hey why did i spend so much on FBT just to jump around as a chimpanzee and scream in vrchat' but there's literally no good game applications of FBT so i made a couple of bad ones for free. feedback very welcome. I made them in Unity, which is pretty simple to make games in if you aren't afraid of a little programming. It handles the VR tracking and physics and such all on its own, so simpler game concepts are pretty easy to make

*This is like you walk around lasers yeah real original. but you gotta avoid them with your feets and hips as well, whoah*
**SteamVR, FBT optional:**

*beat saber is the simplest game to program. it's so fucking simple. why do they charge $20? I will never buy beat saber. In a few hours I made a beat saber clone that sucked. Then I added full body tracking and it's baller. I'm pretty sure i'm the only one who has played this game.*
**SteamVR, FBT required:**
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Nice work!