Resolving Pink Material Issue in Unity

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If you're encountering pink materials while working in Unity, it's almost certainly due to the material trying to use a shader system that isn't available. Below, you'll find a couple of solutions to tackle this common issue.

**Solution 1:** Changing the Shader to Standard
- **Step 1:** Locate the material that's giving you trouble. This is typically found in a material folder and is identifiable by a spherical icon.
- **Step 2:** Once you've selected the material, navigate to its properties panel. Look for a section labelled "Shader". It should resemble this: - **Step 3:** Within the "Shader" section, select "Standard".

**Solution 2:** Downloading and Installing the Missing Shader
- **Step 1:** Identify the shader being used. You can do this on the upload page where the shader details are typically specified.
- **Step 2**: Once you've found the shader, download it. These files are usually available for download online.
- **Step 3:** Open and install/load it into your project, Unity shaders typically comes as a unitypackage file.
**Step 4:** Follow the steps in Solution 1, but instead of selecting "Standard", choose the name of your newly downloaded and installed shader.
- **Final notes:** If you are using a custom shader and your model is not visible, that is a whole other rabbit hole, we recommend sticking to well know shader packs like:

With this, you've changed the shader to the standard option, which should resolve the pink material issue.

Before: After (solution 1, standard shader):