How To Add Sitting/Laying Down Animations to VRChat Avatars

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VRChat provides a default locomotion controller that tells Unity how your avatar moves when you move in-game. It is located under *Assets/VRCSDK/Examples3/Animation/Controllers/vrc_AvatarV3LocomotionLayer.controller*

**Step 1: Find the Locomotion Controller**
- Navigate to *Assets/VRCSDK/Examples3/Animation/Controllers/vrc_AvatarV3LocomotionLayer.controller* in your Unity setup.

**Step 2: Copy the Controller**
- Copy the default locomotion controller provided by VRChat.

**Step 3: Place the Copied Controller**
- Put the copied file in a new location to preserve the original file.

**Step 4: Open the Controller**
- Open the copied file in the Animator panel in Unity.
- Open Controller

**Step 5: Find the States**
- Look for the "Prone" or "Crouching" states in the Animator panel.

**Step 6: Open the Motion**
- Double-click on the motion in the "Prone" or "Crouching" states.

**Step 7: Replace the Animation**
- In the first entry of the motion details, replace the current animation with your custom one.
- Replace Animation

**Step 8: Upload Your Avatar**
- After saving your changes, upload your avatar to VRChat.

**Step 9: Test the Animation**
- In VRChat, go into a prone or crouch position with your avatar to see if your custom animation plays.