Public Tamamo (3.0, PhysBones, SFW)

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Hello again. Here I am, with another public model. Made this for my friend's BDay last night, and now you can all enjoy it. Was a fun experimental project to learn new things. Nothing's perfect, though. Inside the project you'll find: -A ReadMe containing a DL link to the model -Instructions that are already here. ******PLEASE****************************** For the love of god, don't freak out that there's "nothing in the file." I have to upload it this way due to file size limits on this website. If they upped the limit to 150MB, then I could easily upload the file by itself (it's sitting at 130MB) but I cannot. So, just DL the file, then grab the link from within the file. I've uploaded like this before and have uploaded plenty of models on this website. So, don't freak out, lol. ******************************************** Inside the actual file will be: -Prefabs of the model and poses of the model (for avatar pictures) -The model itself -A GIMP file for editing the tail texture in an easier way -A tongue prefab that's used on the model (Feel free to use it on anything you want, honestly) This model features the following: -The new PhysBones. Some grabbing features are currently off (personal preference). You can enable them yourself by going to the scripts and enabling those features. -Dissolves for Socks, Shoes, Wristbands and Tail. -Hue Slider that adjusts Hair, Ears and Tail at the same time. -Hue Slider for Eyes -Hue Slider that adjusts Clothing, Wristbands and Shoes at the same time. -Saturation Slider that adjusts Hair, Ears and Tail at the same time. -Saturation Slider for Eyes -Saturation Slider that adjusts the Clothing, Wristbands and Shoes at the same time. -GIMP File for editing the Tail and Ear textures should you wish for a specific colour or better adjustments. -Posed version of the avatar to take for your in-game picture. ***Requirements***: -Latest Avatar 3.0 SDK. -Poiyomi 7.3+ or greater (Pro preferably. Can't guarantee issues won't be caused without having Pro). -General competency with avatars (If you don't know how to deal with avatars, look up a tutorial). I highly, HIGHLY recommend making a new project and importing this into a new project, to stop any conflicts with an existing project. If stuff breaks due to importing over an existing project, that's on you, not me. **** Installation: 1. Create a fresh project (Skip to step 5 if you already have a project you wish to install to that has the **LATEST SDK**). 2. Import the latest Avatar 3.0 SDK (this is important, this model uses PhysBones). 3. Clear errors in the console and/or restart Unity. 4. Import Poiyomi 7.3 or greater to the project. 5. Import the Tamamo package from the link above. 6. Open the PublicTamamo scene. 7. Avatar is ready-for-upload. Position the VRCSDK Camera on the posed version of the model during upload, then just upload and enjoy. Possible errors: -Pink Unity Scene This is caused by a missing skybox texture. Simply use the default skybox to fix. Though, I've already provided a custom skybox for you, and its textures. Shouldn't be broken, but, it's possible. -Pink materials Caused by not using the suggested Poiyomi shader and/or a shader was unlocked and, due to that, set itself to a null value. Simply reassign the material to Poiyomi cutout (unless it's a transparent material, then set it to poiyomi transparent) and re-lock the shader. -Toggles not working Most likely got unassigned under the FX, Parameters and/or Menu sections of the Avatar_Descriptor. Just re-assigned them. If they're missing because you drag and dropped the model into the scene rather than opening the scene, then open the scene instead. -Height is wrong Just readjust the height to your liking in the VRC_Avatar_Descriptor. Though, it should be set fine unless you increase the size of the model yourself.

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SpitDragon 1651515258 ago

Its just a Readme, Here : Password: E8xlmUKMM1LeJp-1E-LVlCaU2Xs5R34z1_DHmXBOkHs

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KitsuneArtemis 1668720877 ago

She looks cute, I just hope I'll be able to change the shader to something better looking like Poiyomi Pro.

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Jordnski 1668540091 ago

Hi stubbystubby, how would some one acquire the NFSW version? I appericate your work and would like to see different versions of this model.

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