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Casual Miku Screenshot

4.5K Total Downloads

108.3K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Ahh yes, more kawaii grills on vrcmods. Just adding to the collection. So this model has it all; dynamic bones, viscemes, and eye tracking. I do have one issue with this model though, the legs clip so much through the skirt that you can see the panties. Kind of a "yikes" but idk how to fix said "issue". Other than that. Kreygasm.

Original File:

Assets (34 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Casual Miku/bow.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/face.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/hairties.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/stockings.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/TDA Miku Casual.fbx
/Assets/Casual Miku/shirt.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/bows.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/boots.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/body.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/underwear.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/Miku.unity
/Assets/Casual Miku/glasses.tga
/Assets/Casual Miku/hair.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/etc.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/skirt.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/tag.png
/Assets/Casual Miku/Materials/bow.mat
/Assets/Casual Miku/Materials/body.mat
/Assets/Casual Miku/Materials/stockings.mat
/Assets/Casual Miku/Materials/underwear.mat
/Assets/Casual Miku/Materials/hair.mat
/Assets/Casual Miku/Materials/bows.mat
/Assets/Casual Miku/Materials/hairties.mat
/Assets/Casual Miku/Materials/skirt.mat
/Assets/Casual Miku/Materials/boots.mat
/Assets/Casual Miku/Materials/shirt.mat
/Assets/Casual Miku/Materials/face.mat
/Assets/Casual Miku/Materials/etc.mat
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Shaders/Flat Lit Toon.shader
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Cubed's Unity Shaders/Editor/FlatLitToonInspector.cs
/Assets/Cubeds-Unity-Shaders-master/Assets/Editor/Instant Screenshot/ScreenshotTaker.cs

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CYBER 1527608693 ago

ok idk how to fix it but whenever i put the model into unity the model is pink and i dont know how to fit it

iToastWaffle 1522989439 ago

@Pixel Where do you find the Dynamic bones, they are not showing up for me, Is it in the shirt bones?

GameXMode Author 1522026775 ago

@Beanboy *Noted

Beanboy 1521927503 ago

I think you should create a model of "Richard" from Hotline Miami. It would make a great addition to your gallery of avatars

Pixel 1521749216 ago

Turn down the clothing settings so they don't move so much in the Dynamic Bones on the skirt.Clothes:Update rate: 120Damping: 0.2Elasticity: 0.005Stiffness: 0.9Inert: 0.5Try these settings and see if that helps


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