Casual Miku

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Ahh yes, more kawaii grills on vrcmods. Just adding to the collection. So this model has it all; dynamic bones, viscemes, and eye tracking. I do have one issue with this model though, the legs clip so much through the skirt that you can see the panties. Kind of a "yikes" but idk how to fix said "issue". Other than that. Kreygasm.

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CYBER 1527608693 ago

ok idk how to fix it but whenever i put the model into unity the model is pink and i dont know how to fit it

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iToastWaffle 1522989439 ago

@Pixel Where do you find the Dynamic bones, they are not showing up for me, Is it in the shirt bones?

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GameXMode Author 1522026775 ago

@Beanboy *Noted

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Beanboy 1521927503 ago

I think you should create a model of "Richard" from Hotline Miami. It would make a great addition to your gallery of avatars

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Pixel 1521749216 ago

Turn down the clothing settings so they don't move so much in the Dynamic Bones on the skirt.

Update rate: 120
Damping: 0.2
Elasticity: 0.005
Stiffness: 0.9
Inert: 0.5

Try these settings and see if that helps

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