Cast Away (a world by Marsy)

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Cast Away - by Marsy Marsy#9998 Want to support me (100% optional) <3 also available for DL here: You can visit this world here: instructions: 1. Import latest VRCSDK3- WORLD 2. Import Udon sharp by merlin 3. Import Cyan Triggers by Cyanlaser 4. Import Post processing through the package manager (window -> Package M..) 5. Import TextMesh Pro through the package manager 6. Recommended CyanEMU 7. Import Cast away by Marsy.unitypackage 8. drag "Cast away main scene" into the hiarchy 9. Delete the other scenes 10. Drag in from (assets/Textures and Skyboxes/) your desired starter skybox If you don't see text corecctly even after Importing TextMesh pro essentials, unload the scene and load it again <3 ===================================================== Credits: Sopra Post processing UI Cyanlaser for EMU Fionna for beer pong and spin the bottle Hirabiki for swim system Nick Veselov #NVJOB for the Bird and fish inside bottle Polygonal Stuff for campfire & particles PULSAR BYTES for skyboxes Geoff Dallimore star skyboxes Nestop for ladder grichardson for tiki torches Tim Wember for Raft / Floss

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l_Ozzy_l 1652694260 ago

Beautiful world thank you very much now you get a boop

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JapariNeko 1652889708 ago

looking cozy!

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