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Flandre Scarlet (3.0, SFW) Screenshot Flandre Scarlet (3.0, SFW) Screenshot Flandre Scarlet (3.0, SFW) Screenshot Flandre Scarlet (3.0, SFW) Screenshot

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Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


Back here with another avatar. This time, Flandre Scarlet from Touhou. Hope I did her justice. This model is completely SFW. Tried my best to optimize it but it might be laggy if you're in a world with a lot of people, so, just use it around friends.
Due to file size limits, I can't upload the package itself directly, so, I've made a smaller package with the link to the main package.
-Latest Avatar 3.0 SDK.
-Poiyomi 7.3+ or greater (Pro preferably. Can't guarantee issues won't be caused without having Pro).
-General competency with avatars (If you don't know how to deal with avatars, look up a tutorial).
1. Create a fresh project (Skip to step 5 if you already have a project you wish to install to that has the **LATEST SDK**).
2. Import the latest Avatar 3.0 SDK (this is important, this model uses PhysBones).
3. Clear errors in the console and/or restart Unity.
4. Import Poiyomi 7.3 or greater to the project.
5. Import the Flandre package from the link above.
6. Open the FlandreScene.
7. Avatar is ready-for-upload. Just upload and enjoy.
Issues I'm aware of (but too monkey to fix):
1. Some weightpaint issues with the frills on the neck.
2. Finger tracking does not re-enable after turning the staff off (Index users only)
3. Minor clipping with the skirt and underwear (FBT users only)
Other than that, please read the ReadMe file for any other issues.

Edit 05/27 - The scene will be a bright red colour. I guess I forgot to map the skybox textures before exporting them. Go to the skybox folder and map the textures to the skybox in the inspector menu when you select it. When it looks "seamless," you've mapped it correctly. Also, the pink box next to the posed avatar was my signature. Guess I forgot to upload that texture as well. Don't worry about it, just hide it!

Thank you.

Assets (1 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/3.0 Upgrades/Flandre Scarlet/FlandreDLReadME.txt

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