Battleship Water Demon (Public, SFW, KanColle, 3.0)

Uploaded by stubbystubby 1654037169 ago


**Due to file size limits on the website, this package is a ReadMe with these instructions, followed by a link to a mega upload.** ---- Requirements: 1. Latest Unity version as per the VRC website 2. Poiyomi 7.3+ or greater (I use the pro version) 3. The Latest Avatar 3.0 SDK ---- Installation instructions: 1. Install the 3.0 SDK. 2. Install Poiyomi 7.3+ or greater. 3. Import the BWDPackage. 4. Open the BattleshipWaterDemon scene. 5. Click upload. 6. Pose the VRCCam to the posed version of the model to have a nice avatar picture. 7. You're done! ---- This model has two toggles, one for its shoes and one for its thigh highs. Outside of that, it's just a simple model. It is a medium rated model, so, it shouldn't hurt people's performance too much. ---- Possible issues: 1. Skybox is red/model looks red. Skybox texture didn't apply correctly or isn't applied to the scene. Go to the skybox folder and click the first option on the far left. This is the skybox itself. Assign the textures in the appropriate slots and then drag and drop the skybox into the scene. This will fix it. 2. Model is pink. The shaders got unlocked and caused it to return to a null/hidden value. Just reset them to poiyomi's shader in the dropdown and relock the shaders for upload. Should fix it. 3. Clipping of the skirt. I tried for hours to get the skirt to not clip using the values physbones provides and colliders. I also didn't want there to be so many colliders this model would kill people's frames. I got it to where it won't collide in some situations, but not all. I apologize I couldn't make it any better, but if you find better values or a better setup, let me know and I'll update the package. 4. Minor torso clipping. For some reason, for full body, there's a bit of the torso clipping through the dress. Not sure why this is, but it only happens with certain twist motions so it's not worth fixing. --- Thank you for downloading the model. Hope you enjoy it.

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mindlessgonzo 1654583221 ago

Looks neat!

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HokagoTankTime 1663132346 ago

for torso clipping you could just get rid of the body shader and it would make it see through so you cant see it anymore

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Best_Boy_Razor 1654235849 ago

Is there, or will there be, an nsfw version? Also, dynamic bones didn't seem to work at all after uploading, nor did the toggles or gestures

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