Aircraft Carrier Hime (Public, SFW, PhysBones, 3.0)

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**Due to file size limits on the website, this package is a ReadMe with these instructions, followed by a link to a upload.** ---- Requirements: 1. Latest Unity version as per the VRC website 2. Poiyomi 7.3+ or greater (I use the pro version) 3. The Latest Avatar 3.0 SDK ---- Installation instructions: 1. Install the 3.0 SDK. 2. Install Poiyomi 7.3+ or greater. 3. Import the ACHPackage. 4. Open the AircraftCarrierHime scene. 5. Click upload. 6. Pose the VRCCam to the posed version of the model to have a nice avatar picture. 7. You're done! ---- This model has two toggles, one for its legplates (the shoes) and one for its nails (in case you don't wanna have long nails). Sadly, the model is rated poor due to how many bones the hair has. For better optimization, put it in blender and reduce the bone count. Sorry. ---- Possible Issues: 1. Skybox is red/model looks red. Skybox texture didn't apply correctly or isn't applied to the scene. Go to the skybox folder and click the first option on the far left. This is the skybox itself. Assign the textures in the appropriate slots and then drag and drop the skybox into the scene. This will fix it. 2. Model is pink. The shaders got unlocked and caused it to return to a null/hidden value. Just reset them to poiyomi's shader in the dropdown and relock the shaders for upload. Should fix it. 3. Clipping of the skirt/clothing. I tried to get the skirt to not clip as much when moving around, but it's kind of impossible to not have it clip. I did my best for the limits and restrictions that the skirt can move. Looks fine in unity, but behaves vastly different in VRChat. If you find better bone values, let me know and I'll update the package with the new values. 4. Gestures/Toggles not working. Make sure they Controller, Menu and Parameters are assigned where they belong. 5. PhysBones not working. Make sure you DOWNLOAD THE LATEST 3.0 SDK AND IMPORT IT FIRST. This uses PhysBones, not DynamicBones. If you import stuff out of order, the PhysBones won't import correctly.

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