Pride Charm - Dead by Daylight Charm

Uploaded by AnimArts 1655164126 ago


In this Package Is included: Pride_Flag Prefab & FBX variants of: Gay,Pan,A-Sexual,Trans are inside a folder Called "Pride Variants" -Dynamic Bones. Happy pride month Everybody i hope you enjoying it!

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SpitDragon 1655925471 ago

Thank Youuuu~

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An0nnymousHatena 1655344379 ago

looks gay and I don't like it and you can cry about my view I don't care like the immature degenerates yall are

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KitsuneArtemis 1669131909 ago

These look adorable. I've already downloaded this and plan to add one to my avatar. Question though, are there going to be more variants, like non-binary, aromantic, bigender, etc?

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lilypad12k 1657660959 ago

how do i use it?

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