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The idea of this Avatar is to make it easy for people to upload their own Java Minecraft skin onto VRChat. Step 1: Download your skin and place it in the Unity Folder Step 2: Select the texture and set the Import settings like this [Fliter Mode: Point (no filter)] [Format: RGBA 32 bit] [Apply] Step 3: Go place the texture into the Material Step 4: upload to VRChat and have fun!

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Benbutnojerrys 1656807982 ago

It will only show the outer layer of your skin unless you select the Material and change the rendering mode to "Cutout". Another thing is that the model only seems to work with Classic skins and no Slim skins (at least from what I could find).

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Tintainia 1659390978 ago

Is there a plan to make one for the skinny arm model?

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TheMechOfGames 1658456412 ago

If I wanted to change the shader to be quest compatible how would I do that?

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