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I am now releasing my Communities Mascot TORU for all to download, hope you guys enjoy! WHAT CAN YOU DO WITH HER?? • Toggle her Armor off • Get Ready for Battle by turning on your mask and Glaive • harness you're power into her glaive REQUIREMENTS? • Latest Unity version Specifically for VRChat • Poiyomi 7.3+ or greater [use Pro version for Cute skin] • The Latest Avatar 3.0 SDK IMPORTANT - HOW TO INSTALL [Follow in Order] ? • Press Download, Open Scene, then copy the mega link in the text format • Install the 3.0 SDK. • Install Poiyomi 7.3+ • Import TORU unity Package • in the "Coms Folder" there will be a "extra" folder. you dont need to open it but when you press it you will see the FX later, the FBX, etc. In it as well is "Open Scene", press that to see model • Open VRCSDK at the top of unity, open control pannel and enter your information, then upload • enjoy the model! IMPORTANT - ISSUES & FAQ Due to desolation, the model has a few missing pixels in the arms, but it shouldn't be to much of a issue ? i pressed download and it was empty ? Please Re-read above LOL ?? ? My model is pink ? reminder to follow the instructions in order, and if need be, unlock and lock materials to fix issue ? When i use gestures i sometimes go to blank face ? i use a thing called "combo gestures", which uses over 64 combos, if your making a gesture and it doesn't pop up, that means its empty, your more then welcome to fill them in if it really bothers you ? My Chest goes in when i lay down ? My base models have very short chest bones, so if you use ik tweaks, it might look like that, the ebst fix is to user VRChats Ik [when standing use Hip, when sitting or laying down, use head] IF YOU WANT THE BETTER VERSION OF THIS MODEL, JOIN MY DISCORD:

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B1tt3nK1tt3n 1657417895 ago

Doesn't contain the avatar

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Toys0125 1658033481 ago

Like to point out that under booba is missing little to many polygons...

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EdgarSIP 1658000659 ago

It has no avatar btw

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VRCkpx 1657712067 ago


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