Hijikata toushirou uniform

Uploaded by manek 1521860924 ago


another model from gintama
this time i decided try animations and added the sword (shift f7) and a cigarrete (shift f2)
it turned great so i will do the same on the model of satania
this model uses cubed shaders and dynamic bones
it has manual decimation ,manual texture atlas ,viscemes and eye tracking
hope you enjoy it and improve it

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Seulo 1533103879 ago

No problem, thanks for the good model though.

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manek Author 1533093228 ago

i´m not good at unity effects yet as
i´m still learning to modelate
but you could ask on on the discord

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Seulo 1533063701 ago

Would it be possible to add an ember effect to the end of the cigar, and some smoke coming out from it? Im clueless on how i could do this.

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manek Author 1524157486 ago

@swiftyswift glad to hear hope you enjoy the avatar

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swiftyswift 1524149891 ago

@manek i found the problem, the shader was on a different setting and that was a pink color, so i swapped it the to natural section which was your template, im all G now

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manek Author 1524145773 ago

@swiftyswift is a shader problem cwheter you dont have cubed shader or your graphic cards doesn´t support this shader get in the materials folder and change the material called texture atlas to something that works for you you can change this selecting the material in the inspector tab there you can change the shader as standard

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swiftyswift 1524093231 ago

When i load the avatar into unity the avatar comes in pink only. how do i fix this problem?

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manek Author 1522042347 ago

@legendarian you will need to use blender or maya for it as there is no way to do it on unity that i know

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Venom48 1522034656 ago

Oh man, Thanks, your the best !!
Can you make other characters from Gintama ?

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Legendarian 1522031939 ago

Looks good, man.

Question: how can I transfer the cigarette model and animation to another model?

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fotig 1521906291 ago

i registered just to write this comment, thank you a looot! Can you add more gintama avatars? Kondo Isao or Zura would be great! :D

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