Titanfall 2 Bt-7374 (Vanguard)

Uploaded by sync1211 1521931610 ago


(Updates only apply to the file linked in the Readme.txt file)

-Added LODs to the FBX file.
-Added Scenes for LODs. (If you really want LOD0 in VrChat pm me for a brief tutorial on modifying the SDK!)
-Updated the main scene to be able to be used with VrChat. (>20k Polygons)
-Added XO-16 textures (probably not all of them) to the assets file.

-Fixed black background on decals

-Improved textures!
-Added FS-1041 Textures (You will need to apply them manually!)
(FS-1041 is the replacement chassis for BTs datacore which appears in the last Chapter "The Fold Weapon"!)

-Improved textures! (again)
-Added FS-1041 to all scenes
-Added individual asset for FS-1041
-Fixed right thumb

Bt-7374 vanguard class Titan from the game Titanfall 2.
As always you will have to download the version with textures from the link in the Readme.txt file! (<--- Don't forget this step!)
The hands and fingers work fine, they just look a bit weird in the scene!

This is still a work in progress! The normal maps are not working correctly and the rig still has some bugs.

If you have any questions or ideas for improvements. My Discord is: Sync1211 #3819
If you're interested in how I got the textures and models from the game, check out the tutorial I followed: https://forum.facepunch.com/f/fbx/bskox/Tutorial-Titanfall-2-to-Source-WARNING-LONG-OP-LOTS-OF-IMAGES/1/

Titanfall 2 (c) Respawn Entertainment! I do not own any assets used to create this avatar!

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SapphierGG 1614286561 ago

I mean the last comment here was 2 years ago but I just recently got br chat and was just wondering is it possible for the hatch to open on this Titan, and can other people get inside?

1 Reply
Power Hungry PC 1545394419 ago

I got the hatch animation done

1 Reply
Power Hungry PC 1545378784 ago

Hey OP! I am working on adding anims and chairs due to new update! Feel Free to contact me!

1 Reply
edgy salad 1593762460 ago

can he open up and have a seat for someone to sit in or no?

0 Reply
monsterbwoi 1588370592 ago

hey, i'm not able to open the file in unity, so if someone could add me (username: monsterbwoi) and let me copy the avatar, it would be much appreciated. thanks

0 Reply
EtherealHawk 1550466093 ago

The hands components have exploded

0 Reply
At0micCyb0rg 1538051620 ago

I made an account just to tell you that its name is BT-7274, not BT-7374!
BT is a hero, at least get his name right ;)

0 Reply
jackster 1537385008 ago

how to modify sdk

0 Reply
jackster 1537384893 ago

how to modify sdk

0 Reply
sync1211 Author 1526578992 ago

@infantry I saw that too, but I haven't been able to recreate it due to the SDK not allowing me to use the required triggers. :/

0 Reply
sync1211 Author 1526578940 ago

@Delirious11 In order to use LOD2 or higher you need to modify your SDK in order to display a warning instead of an error! (The file you need to edit is called something like SDKControlPanel.cs!)

0 Reply
sync1211 Author 1526578756 ago

@kirotyn It's already working quite well, it's just WIP since I'm still working on some things! (Cores, Titan weapons, Rocket launcher animations, rig improvements, etc)

0 Reply
infantry 1526565760 ago

is there any sits on avatar?
i saw someone has sits with that titan

0 Reply
jungbear 1525096889 ago

I can't download it :( can you spend me file for email [email protected]

0 Reply
kirotyn 1523291808 ago

dude! i played titanfall 2 and i freakin respected bt. he was awesome and it would be cool to play as him again. cant wait for the finished version to come out.

0 Reply
Delirious11 1523030827 ago

How can i use LOD 2 at least?

0 Reply
sync1211 Author 1521984261 ago

@Vannilathesweet09 are you suing the version you get from VrcMods or from the link in the Readme.txt file? VrcMods doesn't allow me to upload anything over 40MB and the unity package file is currently 145MB.

0 Reply
Vannilathesweet09 1521983971 ago

Let me know when its Done please. I loved this Robot more than any other. Please lemme know when.. Also it says Missing prefab and i do know it is a W.I.P

0 Reply
sync1211 Author 1521983404 ago

@Clark The file you get from here is missing some assets that were a bit too big for VrcMods. You can download them via the link in the Readme.txt file!

Also it is till WIP (Work in progress) so it's not completely finished yet.

0 Reply
Unidelta 1521955740 ago

my favorite character ! thank you!!!

0 Reply
sync1211 Author 1521932288 ago

@AngryNyak Thanks :)

0 Reply
AngryNyak 1521932178 ago

Awesome! Good job! We'll waite low poly version from you

0 Reply

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