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Pack contain's runs, flying, idles and more.

VRCSDK is needed for this
download here: (Login then click on sdk)

Thank's for all the downloads guys!

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Polygonal 1586824664 ago


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CL3NRc 1569276381 ago

how on earth do i get custom animations to appear for EVERYONE in the server and not just me?

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isaacderick1 1579547735 ago

how do i put this on vrchat?

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Ageious 1578762199 ago


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UnknownAK 1569279859 ago

@CL3NR c 2 everyone should be able to see your animations. However if people turn off animations for your trust rank in their safety settings then they won't be able to see your animations. That's out of your control

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RogueMorty Author 1534998533 ago

@Gpuna Yea, pretty sure it was. Sorry for any confusion you may have had

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Gpuna 1534902172 ago

**Comments removed, cause I think it was a mistake/misunderstanding

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darkoraclegirl 1523872214 ago

@harpygamer I can get the animation to work in unity by making an empty object, parenting the model to it, putting the animator on the empty object, and setting the animator to use the avatar it's self. But that only seems to work while it's still in unity. I can't get it to work in vrchat.
So one problem has been fixed, I just need to get it to work in vrchat.

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harpygamer 1523808089 ago

@darkoraclegirl did you fix your problem? if not try give it invisible legs maybe.

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darkoraclegirl 1523488335 ago

Having a problem with your animation 0009_Fly_Idle. The character I'm using has no legs or toes as it's a spirit and when I apply your animation she slowly starts to sink through the floor with every down ward motion.

Is there a way to counter this so she remains above ground?

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manek 1522627236 ago

now i can pat lolis without vr <3 they work perfectly

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djanky 1522189320 ago

@coopster probably loli army

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coopster 1522147229 ago

Might be a dumb question but what is LA?

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TrixxedHeart 1522082265 ago

Regardless I can never get Mixamo animations to work properly so this is rather helpful

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Benie 1522000032 ago

This better not be another "you can get this from Mixamo" animation pack.

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