Minecraft Bee Follower

Uploaded by yisto 1661504271 ago


A simple little bee follower that floats beside you, flaps their wings, has a pollen particle effect, and has wiggling antennae, stinger, and legs with physbones. hope y'all enjoy ^w^ Built off of hfcRed's AmongUS follower ~ https://hfcred.booth.pm/items/3872107 Using Raivo's Particle Prefabs ~ https://raivovfx.booth.pm/ And a Minecraft Bee model by Jackmcm on sketchfab ~ https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/minecraft-bee-with-3d-flower-9d2a02db0979494b89da323cf352fce1 Bee rigging and animation / unity setup done by me.

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Meowter 1661536160 ago

awh love it

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visij 1662805200 ago

Super awesome lil follower. My favorite so far. Ty<3

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lizzumz 1662693519 ago

This makes my heart so happy ty! ?

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elpepe 1662341954 ago

gracias bro

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Irisviel 1661918392 ago

cool stuff, i added it to an avatar of mines

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