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FREE Vrchat Base - Gurechi Canine Half-Eastern Dragon Screenshot

766 Total Downloads

17.2K Total Views

Asset Type VRChat Avatars

File Type Unity Package


The unitypackage from this website is an empty file

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If you choose to make your project from scratch using the model files, remember to add a parent constraint with a weight of 0.8 for the "butt.L" and "butt.R" bones, as they need to loosely follow their respective legs (IE: parent constraint butt.L to leg.L)
Extra Assets and Add-ons for this base are coming soon! Follow me so you don't miss them!
This is a 3D model, set up for VRChat, and made to be used with Unity's Humanoid rig.
This model also supports full body tracking.
Includes a couple different sets of clothes, physbones setup, gestures setup, and a basic sitting/laying system based on Dervali's Prefab (
The Files included are:

FBX Files
Substance Painter Files
Already exported .PNG Textures
Unity Package SDK3 for quick setup

This package requires the latest Vrchat SDK3 for avatars, and at least Unity 2019.4.31f1.

It is also recommended to use with Poiyomi Toon Shader, as the materials are already set up with it in mind, though they are generic PBR materials and can be used even with the standard unity shader.

Thanks to DragonShark for uploading and setting up the avatar base for neos! You can find the public folder here:
(You just need to copy the url and paste it within neos, it'll spawn a folder with the avatar)

Terms of Use

Feel free to use this model for any adult content or intent, though I won't be responsible for any of it.

You're allowed to edit and even sell your edits of this model, as long as the edit is distinct enough to be it's own thing, you credit me in the description, and it doesn't include other models that don't allow this.
I reserve the right to take down a resold edit model that I deem "not distinct enough".

You are only to sell your edits if you keep the same terms of use as this model. Freedom is golden and I'd like to keep it that way.

You're not allowed to use this model to slander a specific individual or group, or for political or religious activities.

I am not responsible for any problems caused by the use of this model Use it at your own risk.

These terms of use are subject to change or revision. If you continue to use the site after any changes are made, you are deemed to agree to the changed or revised terms.

Feel free to share the model wherever, just please link them back to this page so I can see how many people use this model. Thank you!

By using this model in any way, you agree to these terms.

If you need help, or just want to say hello

Assets (7 files inside Unity Package)


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