Goat-Chan Reverse Bunny + Fix Package (3.0, SFW)

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Hi all, back again with another model to make up for some errors with the last one. This time: a reverse bunny! As is usual, this model is SFW by VRC standards. I won't be releasing an NSFW version, as with all my models, so please don't ask. Also, this again is just a simple README download that brings you to a zip folder on MEGA, as is usual with my recent models, lol. Thanks again for the support, and if you put this in an avatar world or make edits or whatever, just remember to give credit. Just a simple nametag or something. Thanks. **Package Includes** 1. Goat-Chan's regular outfit (This model here: https://vrcmods.com/item/10312 with fixes I've made). 2. Goat-Chan's Reverse Bunny outfit (The main model showcased for this upload). 3. Booba Slider to make the booba smaller. 4. Horn Swap for the accented horns. Just changes the texture, not the model. **Requirements** 1. Latest VRC 3.0 SDK 2. Poiyomi 7.3+ 3. Basic Unity knowledge. **Install** 1. DL Package. 2. Open README and follow the link, enter password, download ZIP. 3. Import GoatchanBunny+FixPackage. 4. Go to 3.0 Upgrades > Goat-Chan -> Goat-Chan Reverse Bunny folder 5. Open GoatchanBunnyScene 7. Pose VRCCam to Main Camera, set FOV to 26. **Optional** 8. Upload. **Issues?** 1. Shaders be pink Set the shader from hidden/error to poiyomi. Relock the shader before upload. 2. Boob colliders for the smaller set don't match Intentional. I made it a shapekey slider. You can make your own animation for it by using Unity's scaling system instead, the framework in the FXLayer is there for you to adjust. 3. Where nsfw? No sex.

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