Babu Baboo (Low-poly recreation, 3.0)

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A low-poly recreation of our favorite bird, created by yours truly (me). I created this due to there not really being an easy way to extract models from PS1 games, so I thought yeah this should be easy enough to do... yeah. . . Contains: 1- Bird (Babu Baboo). 2- 8 swapable textures/materials via FX controller. 3- Some of my animations I used on my other avis, with this just skip importing them and change up the controller layers if you don't want them. 4- Runescape/PS1 style shader. Requires: 1- Avatar 3.0 SDK + latest supported Unity version. (2019.4.31f1 at time of upload) 2- Computer. 3- burger How to setup: 1- Have a project setup for your VRC avatars. (3.0) 2- Import .package file. 3- Remove blueprint ID because i forgor 4- Upload. 5- i enjoy burger You can also use this avatar on Quest! Just change the material shaders and you should be good to go!

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