Dr Livesey Walk Meme (Emote)

Uploaded by THEDAO77 1664512246 ago


Dr Livesey Walking Emote, feel free to walk with style with friends Animation made by: THEDAO77 (Me) using VeryAnimation The Unity Package contains: -3 Emotes (Back, Middle and Front) -Music Looped for Infinite Emote (Music name: Ghostface Playa - Why Not.) Emote Preview: https://twitter.com/thedao77/status/1576285381896437761 Do you want to suggest an emote for memes? Send me a DM in Discord THEDAO77#0892

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Tomxto 1667069632 ago

Whenever i loaded into vrc and tried the emote it like plays for a second and stops and repeats, is the animation only a second long?

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NotPawse 1665722588 ago

When you activate IK, the feet get locked in the chest; 's that intentional? or...

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PapaPootOs 1664875229 ago

very epic meme

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