Seiki (Night) 3.0

Uploaded by CakeLord 1665692192 ago


Back by popular demand! Get the "Special" version from my archive: Originally a head swap of the Tips model, Seiki returns with an updated body and new phys bones. Package includes the green-stat "Safe" version. Includes Visemes, Gestures, and PhysBones. Requires Poiyomi Toon v8.0.295. Requires the latest VRChat SDK3. Built on Unity 2019.4.31f1 57K Tris and 4 Materials. Make sure you are using Poiyomi Toon 8 and re-import it to your project. If that doesn't work, create a new project and import the SDK, Shader, and the Avatar in that order.

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Sevsan 1666481192 ago

I can’t get the gestures to work is there something additional I have to do other than just importing the avatar into unity?

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Avatar & Model Installing

All avatars, models, and unity content are available as unity package files. Follow our tutorials below to install, create and do more with these files!

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