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Asset Type Clothing and Accessories

File Type Unity Package


A cross necklace fitted for the Nardoragon.
The cross is rigged with Phys Bones.
This asset uses the PoiyomiToonShader:
Simply drag and drop the 'Cross Necklace' prefab found within the 'NardoCrossNecklace' folder into your scene upon importing the unitypackage.
Then parent the necklace onto the 'chest' bone found within the armature of your model.
Use the 'Hide Fluff Chest' BlendShape on the Nardoragon Body to hide the chest fluff in order for the necklace to be visible.

Assets (7 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/NardoCrossNecklace/Cross Necklace.prefab
/Assets/NardoCrossNecklace/Textures/T_Matcap_MC (6) 1.jpg
/Assets/NardoCrossNecklace/Textures/T_Matcap_MC (18) 1.jpg
/Assets/NardoCrossNecklace/FBX/Cross Necklace.fbx
/Assets/NardoCrossNecklace/Materials/Cross Necklace.mat

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