Goat-chan Reverse Bunny (3.0, SFW, Remade)

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Finally after so long, she's back. This is outfit 2 of 2. "SFW" in big quotations, considering her massive gabungas hanging out lol. *** The head+hair was a paid commission that I funded myself to replace the one that got taken down. It was made by the wonderful Timo#8741 (For commission inquiries, please contact them here: https://twitter.com/SpicyPolys), a member of the VRCTraders discord. They were wonderful to work with and gave updates every few days. Outside of a few small bugs (stuff that I could easily fix, didn't need their intervention for) it was perfect. Had I had the money, I'd probably pay them to make a full model, honestly. The work is impressive. *** Install directions: 1. Latest Unity required by VRChat 2. Latest Avatar 3.0 SDK. 3. Poiyomi 7.3 or greater (I use the pro version of 7.3. I'm lazy to update it lol) 4. Install this package. *** Upload directions: 1. Open the GoatchanBunny scene. 2. Confirm all the images provided on VRCMods match the package. 3. Open the VRChat SDK tab. 4. Click upload. 5. Reposition the VRCCam to where the Main Camera is in the scene to set a proper in-game picture. 6. Finalize the upload. *** Issues: Pink Materials: Can happen a lot. Find the affected material and set it back to poiyomi (if it was a cutout material, set it to cutout. If it was an alpha, set it to transparent). Then, relock the material. *** Pink Skybox: This would only happen if the skybox didn't import for whatever reason. Can be fixed by searching for the default unity skybox included in the kit and just dragging it into the scene. *** NSFW???: Sorry, I won't be giving out an NSFW version of her. I intentionally made this model in a way to not be NSFW. Maybe one day, but not today. *** And that is Goat-chan back in action. Sorry for the long wait, but paying an artist costs money. Was worth it, though. Hope everyone enjoys using her. I had fun remaking her, despite the set backs.

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stubbystubby Author 1670529253 ago

If there's any issues, let me know, but it's probably fine lol.

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