Raiko (3.0, Public, SFW, Remade)

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After being DM'd every now and then throughout the past year or so since the 2.0->3.0 update broke her, I've decided to bring her back. Here's Raiko. With not only a new outfit, but new proportions and more up to my "personal standards." This is the first of a few remakes I'm doing for my older set of models. I'll leave up the older uploads for the sake of redirecting people to the newer versions. **** Install/Upload: 1. Download the Unity version required by VRChat 2. Import latest VRC 3.0 SDK 3. Import Poiyomi 7.3 or greater (I specifically use 7.3 PRO, because I'm lazy to update) 3.1. (Optional) Install AV3Emulator by Lyuma on github to test avatars without uploading them. 4. Import this package to your unity project. 5. Open the RaikoScene 6. Verify the project looks like the images shown on this page. 7. Upload the model 8. Pose the VRCCam to the Posed Camera for a nice in-game picture of the model rather than the regular t-pose. 9. Hit upload one last time and you're done! *** This model will also be cloneable in-game, so if you don't wanna download it, you can clone it if someone has it. *** FAQ: 1. NSFW? No. 2. Broken Skybox? This should be fixed (I tested it twice) but in case it isn't, just reassign the skybox textures to the skybox material in the skybox folder. Should solve that problem. 3. Pink shaders? It's set to a null value; just manually assign them back to poiyomi. All of them are set to poiyomi pro: cutout, with the exception of the alpha material being set to poiyomi pro: transparent. 4. Clipping booba? Yes the booba will clip when moving/bouncing/etc. I really wanted to use the shirt she has and if I removed too much of the mesh underneath, it would've made the shirt pointless. I recommend changing the limits of the physbones to solve this. I left the physbones at my personal values in case people don't really care. Just fiddle with it until you find a good stop gap for them. *** Thanks for downloading the model and enjoy!

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ZeroEye 1671593553 ago

Where NSFW Version? Link to gumroad/patreon/booth/something?

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Hyper_Demon007 1670967164 ago

is this quest compatable

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ChromiumUpToBad 1670900976 ago

"FAQ: 1. NSFW? No." :clown: bozo

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