Thiccheili Techsuit [Semi-NSFW]

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This is a "thicc" female elite from the "Halo" series otherwise known as a "Thiccheili", this model has a custom techsuit texture and comes with a kitbashed set of armor. Includes PBR textures, digitigrade legs and an IK rig. You shouldn't need any extra stuff to install. Avatar Details: 52,954 verts 19.35 MB Texture Memory Credits: Akkoarcade: Creating the original nude model and textures Jac O: Creating techsuit texture StrangerSFM: Editing techsuit texture, creating kitbashed armor Chief#4014: Setting up Halo Reach Elite armor for Blender Mysos: Commissioning techsuit texture XBXR#3446: Creating the IK Rig

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