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FREE avatar i created in vroid to blender to unity..prince ezra. this is a gift and to show that i am a trusted creator. give this a download and see for yourself. avatar details *PHYSBONES*FACIAL ANIMATIONS(activated by right hand)* CUSTOM SWORD TOGGLE*CUSTOM SCULPTED STRAPS AND TAPERS*DEFAULT BODY ANIMATION(dance)*MOUTH VISEMES*EYE TRACKING*COLLIDERS*DEFAULT EMOTES versions vroid: 1.19.0 unity: 2019.4.31f1 blender:2.93.11 file info unity package file for quick and easy download(zip) 29.1mb T.O.S *no redistribution*no refunds HELP! i am willing to to answer any and all questions you may have to the best of my abilitys email: [email protected]* discord: rizing sunz4991#3719 support any and all support is greatly appreciated. come by the stream and hang sometime or like and sub on youtube if you enjoy some quality gaming stuff!:) *twitch:* youtube: COME BY THE SHOP AND CHECK OUT SOME OF MY PAID WORK!!!!! LOVE YALL!!

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