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whats up fam..my own version of the hero of ages from destiny 2. just recently got it in-game for some reason i got the sudden urge to make it lol. made in blender 2.93.11 to unity 2019.4.31f1. pop on your vrchat avatars and slice up everything my friends.*T.O.S. no redistribution* SUPPORT AND HELP* discord-rizing sunz4991#3719 * twitch- https://www.twitch.tv/rizingsunz4991 * youtube-https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCleYtus2xQCmdme1f-nuEww * twitter-https://twitter.com/Brandon03447849. come by the shop to see my paid work as well https://rizingsunz4991.booth.pm/ * FILE TYPE AND SIZE-unity package file for quick and easy download 2.58mbs

Assets (30 files inside Unity Package)

/Assets/Hero of ages.fbx
/Assets/Materials/hilt mat.mat
/Assets/Materials/drr right mat.mat
/Assets/Materials/top blae rein back mat.mat
/Assets/Materials/bottom rr ring mat.mat
/Assets/Materials/upper ring mat.mat
/Assets/Materials/upper blade rein mat.mat
/Assets/Materials/handle mat.mat
/Assets/Materials/drl mesh.mat
/Assets/Materials/blade mat.mat
/Assets/Materials/bottom blade rein back mat.mat
/Assets/Materials/bottom blade rein mat.mat
/Assets/Materials/bumper mat.mat
/Assets/Materials/OptimizedShaders/bottom blade rein mat/Poiyomi.shader
/Assets/Materials/OptimizedShaders/handle mat/Poiyomi.shader
/Assets/Materials/OptimizedShaders/drl mesh/Poiyomi.shader
/Assets/Materials/OptimizedShaders/blade mat/Poiyomi.shader
/Assets/Materials/OptimizedShaders/top blae rein back mat/Poiyomi.shader
/Assets/Materials/OptimizedShaders/drr right mat/Poiyomi.shader
/Assets/Materials/OptimizedShaders/bumper mat/Poiyomi.shader
/Assets/Materials/OptimizedShaders/cross reinforcement/Poiyomi.shader
/Assets/Materials/OptimizedShaders/bottom rr ring mat/Poiyomi.shader
/Assets/Materials/OptimizedShaders/hilt mat/Poiyomi.shader
/Assets/Materials/OptimizedShaders/upper blade rein mat/Poiyomi.shader
/Assets/Materials/OptimizedShaders/bottom blade rein back mat/Poiyomi.shader

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