Team Fortress 2 - Kazotsky kick dance

Uploaded by 8Yaron8 1522046794 ago


Animations from Team Fortress 2, Pyro and Scout animations have some problem.

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krieg 1603130450 ago

AY AY AY AY AY AYEE!! how to insert this on an avatar btw

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Chilgt 1582180590 ago

The engineer's leg also has a problem

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Compwiz 1529068834 ago

If you could add conga and schadenfreude that would be AWESOME!

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Little Nora 1523289784 ago

Thanks a lot for this~

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OskeinO 1522347435 ago

how does one add dances and emotes to avatars and do you need vr gear to do use in game?

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rons0n 1522273578 ago

Hope you can add the other dances from TF2. Awesome!

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Dieter Bohne 1522145041 ago

im a unity noob, can someone explain to me how i add this to an avatar?

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ledoriver 1522130008 ago

Praise our lord

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UncleKarma 1522112501 ago

you are though legend

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