Dung Defender [HollowKnight]

Uploaded by TrixxedHeart 1522127006 ago


I have decided to remove all of my files off of VRCMods, if you want them. go here https://trixxedheartvrcavatars.tumblr.com/

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KabuSenpai 1531128817 ago

Hi, i'm trying to build and publish it but when it finishes building just sounds a windows alert and nothing happens. Pls help :(

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TrixxedHeart Author 1522190546 ago

Try downloading and importing the animation pack, that might be the problem.

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SpriteThePixl 1522187828 ago

Great model but is the animation pack required to be downloaded for the models to be uploaded? I tried to upload them and it always shows an error so I assume that may be the problem?

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