AoT 4 - Ymir Fritz (VRChat Avatar) DL + New Update (High Poly)

Uploaded by HiGuys920 1681783499 ago


There I send you the new final version VRChat avatar of Ymir Fritz (Human Form) From Attack On Titan Final Season, Created By Me ‘’HiGuys920’‘ & FlamelexArt, & Edited & Converted To VRChat & Blender By Me. 3D Model Download: DL in DeviantART: DL in SketchFab: DL in Patreon: #AttackonTitan #ShingekinoKyojin #YmirFritz #VRChat #AvatarFree #????? Updates: * Update 1 (05/04/2023): New Face Rig Bones * Update 2 (04/04/2023): Remake to High Poly & Added New Facials Shape Keys for VRChat

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shin-chin 1685126467 ago

Will this work for quest 2?

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fefetron2000 1683311129 ago

can u add titan shifting if possible??

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